Goblin Village

The goblins have set up their camp on a swampy area of land. They don't seem overly hostile, but the villagers in the area have every reason to feel nervous about what these unprdicatable and unruly creatures will do next.

This is the latest location to be added, roughly along the lines of the goblin village in the really old versions of Tyrant. Not too much to do there yet (you can start a war if you like, or just chat...) but it should be a taste of things to come.

In the next few months, I'll be focusing on creating:
- New locations
- Quests and "things to do" at these locations

Eventually we'll reach the point where we have enough locations that we don't need them all at once, and you will get a random selection every game. This way the world will genuinely be different each time you play, requiring different tactics and ensuring that you will always get some new surprises. Will you find a goblin village? How about a lost temple? Maybe there will be a secret route to the underworld.....

Posted by Mike Anderson 2005-01-12

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