Dungeon DNA

A new innovation in Tyrant 0.325 (soon to be released) is that of "Dungeon DNA". Basically each style of dungeon has a DNA string associated with it, looking something like:


In this string, each letter represents a type of dungeon element, e.g. "r" is a room and "z" is a maze. The more common the letter is, the more commonly that particular type of feature will be created.

This technique should allow us to have much more customised dungeon styles, while still getting of the benefits of random dungeon generation.

All relevant code is in Dungeon.java and Theme.java

You can test dungeon DNA by typing ":d", pressing enter and then entering a DNA string of your choice. Valid characters are given as follows:

c = Corridor
o = Oval room
z = Maze
r = Room
t = Corridor with room at the end
h = 3*3 chamber
n = Natural-looking wiggly tunnel
s = Square 5*5 room
k = Linking corridor ("joins up" maps)

Posted by Mike Anderson 2005-01-13

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