Graphics for Tyrant

  • Denis Zabrodsky

    Denis Zabrodsky - 2005-03-25

    Rady to use pictures... Over 500 bitmaps
    Format is gif 64x64 8bit

    Weapons, armors, rings, amulets, tunics, etc
    I was designer for some project. But project dead.
    So i want put them to good use...

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-03-26

      Hi Denis,

      Tried to email you back earlier but it bounced.

      We'd be very happy to put your graphics to use if they fit the Tyrant theme. Can you post a link and/or mail me with the images files?

    • Denis Zabrodsky

      Denis Zabrodsky - 2005-03-27

      well contact me at <>
      i'll sent then some examples =)

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-03-28

      Got the examples - very nice work!

      I've just seen the swords but if everything you have is of similar quality it would be a great resource. Particularly keen to see what you have by way of scenery and outdoor tiles which we are a bit light on at the moment.

      Next steps: there are a few things we would have to do before we can use the tiles directly in Tyrant. We would have to:

      a) Scale down to 32*32
      b) Make detail edits to match the Tyrant style, e.g. 1-pixel black borders around monsters and items
      c) Cut and paste the results into the active Tyrant image files
      d) Add/update the code for items and monsters to use the new images

      If you send me the rest of the Image files, I can start doing this work, rate dependant on how much time I have. Alternatively, if others want to get involved with this work then help is always welcome!

      The only step I *have* to do is c) because I own the master image files right now.

      I assume, as with all contributions, that you are the original copyright owner and are happy with redistribution as part of Tyrant (which includes open source GPL redistribution).


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