Game file as command line argument done

  • Victor Sotnikov

    Victor Sotnikov - 2005-04-06

    I have committed changes that allow to specify game file as command line argument.

    When at least one argument presents in the command line, Tyrant considers 1st argument as game file name and immediately tries to load it. If it fails, usual start menu appears.

    Of course, it does not affect the applet modeю


    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-04-06

      Good stuff! Definitely useful for folks who want to pick up where they left off last time.

      On a related note - should we have a "save and quit" option?

      • Victor Sotnikov

        Victor Sotnikov - 2005-04-07

        Maybe. But what if we will first implement the following command  saving of current game file? Our current save command always asks user for filename. Sometimes this is just boring  when the same filename is being used again and again. This is why a lot of applications have 2 commands in File menu: Save and Save as. Our present save command corresponds to such Save as. Maybe we will have another command, that will not ask for filename, but save game using filename that user specified last time (during current session of the program)? I mean  specified either by save command, or by load command. If neither save nor load has been called during current session of the program  well, user will be asked for filename then.

        What is your opinion about the idea?



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