• Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello, is there any license info on Tyrant - the code or the artwork ?

    I recognized some of the artwork (I think some comes from an angband tileset)

    I *guess* that there's no license and that it would be pretty hard to add one by now as there are many contributors :-P

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I was fairly sure that the GPL covered all game content, not just the code. But I could be mistaken, mikera would be the best one to answer this question... But, if some original artwork was not GPL'ed that could be problematic...

      • Mike Anderson

        Mike Anderson - 2005-08-20

        Tyrant is available under the GPL v2. Anything released under the public domain, BSD license etc. is automatically GPL compatible. Wher there is any uncertainty, I have checked with authors of graphics etc. that they are happy with releasing their work under these terms.

        I also include a conditionthat I may release the work under a newer license at a leter time. This is to enable us to move to GPL v3, or some other superior license should the need arise.


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