Next release

  • shen

    shen - 2005-05-31


    When is the next release likely to be? I've been missing the weekly releases.

    Is there a roadmap for the upcoming development work? I am particularly interested in the balance between adding new features and gameplay balancing the existing stuff?


    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-06-12

      Working on a release for today. Because of my work, I can't guarantee a release schedule so it's pretty much "when it comes"

      Tyrant is not yet feature complete, so I think there are still quite a few areas where feature work is required.

      On the other hand, balancing the existing game is very important and we should be doing that all the time. I'd encorage people to commit patched that adjust the balance as this is pretty easy top do - just tweak the "LevelMin" for monsters for example.


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