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  • redcloud

    redcloud - 2005-07-03

    Hi! I'm an italian junior java developer and i would join this team. I want work in team because i need more experience in team based java programming and i like this kind of game!

    P.s. Excuse me for my english!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Welcome on board - it's an open community here.

      What sort of changes are you interested in making?

    • redcloud

      redcloud - 2005-07-03

      Hi! I don't know what changes can i introduce at the moment. I'm interested to read some UML diagrams of the project. Do they exist? Where i can find?

      • Mike Anderson

        Mike Anderson - 2005-07-04

        No UML diagrams I'm afraid. Feel happy to draw / generate some if you find them useful though.

        Though to be honest, if you understand Map, Thing and Script you probably know 90% of what you need for most Tyrant hacking.

    • redcloud

      redcloud - 2005-07-04

      My ICQ UIN is 194243595


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