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Dean Yeats
  • Dean Yeats

    Dean Yeats - 2005-06-01

    Hi everybody. First day here looking forward to working with  all of you.

    I'd like to know if there are any tiles that we need more than others or which ones need to be done so I can work on those first and then the lesser ones after. Thanks.

    • Andy Korth

      Andy Korth - 2005-06-02

      On the same note, there is a tiles.png which seems to have a large number of tiles... But they are never loaded in the code. (The file has a bit of kanji at the bottom) It's the file with the dark green background, iirc.

      Are these intended to be converted into Tyrant tiles and put in creature32.png, etc?

      • Mike Anderson

        Mike Anderson - 2005-06-12

        I've been converting these on an "as needed" basis. As you correctly surmised, these go into creature32.png etc for inclusion in the game.

        They are fairly easy to convert, just need to make sure the background is transparent and do some tweaks if needed to make them fit the existing Tyrant tileset style

    • Dean Yeats

      Dean Yeats - 2005-06-02

      One thing I noticed is the lack of furiture/scenery in the towns. I was wondering if i should make some 32 * 32 chairs, stools, and tables since the oines there look like they are scaled 16 * 16. I could also whip up a few extra trees "Fur trees, fruit trees, 64 * 64 trees?" and some other walls such as book cases.

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-06-12

      Town and dungeon scenery would be great - we're a bit lacking in tiles for those kind of things and they would definitely help make dungeon designs more interesting.


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