Duplicate Hero with Artifacts

  • ASG101

    ASG101 - 2005-05-19

    I hesitate to bring this up, because it is SUCH a source of goodies when it happens... but anyway, here goes. Coming back up from about level 38 of the Deep Dungeon, my Hero left an image of himself sitting on a down staircase. Just to see what happened, I attecked the duplicate, he didn't fight back, and died, leaving a stack containing everything I had been carrying originally, including a couple of Artifacts. This happened again a couple levels further up, so at that point I had 3 copies of the artifacts. (Excellent source of cash, and favor with my diety!). This also happened once in the Graveyard. I am running v 0.333, on Windows 98, and it had been at least 20 moves since a save/restore.

    • ASG101

      ASG101 - 2005-05-25

      So, I guess this is expected behaviour?

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-05-28

      Amusing, not really expected behaviour!

      Will investigate. There appears to be something wierd in some of the portal code that is causing strange behaviour so I'll code up some test cases today.

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-06-12

      Fixed - actually a bug in the tryTick code that was calling endTurn() with the value of the old hero....


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