How to buy something?

  • Markus Stehr

    Markus Stehr - 2005-01-08


    How do i buy something from the shopkeepers?
    If i try to pick up something i just get the question if i want to steal the item.
    And it would be nice if the shopkeepers wouldnt have that floor market, but a menu driven buy and sell menu.
    Then you could detail out their shopping places ;)

    So Long, The Werelion!

    • TubbyTunes

      TubbyTunes - 2005-01-08

      You were in a treasure room. That was a gaurd not a shopkeeper. If you (C)hat you can sell your items which differentiates between a gaurd and a shopkeeper.
      Rogue like games most often have a floor market - tradition and history.

    • Czuk

      Czuk - 2005-02-28

      How exactly does why accomplish buying something though.  I go into a shop and determine the guy is a shopkeeper because I sell him something.  Then I go to pick up a piece of bread.  I purchase it for 15 copper, then guys start shouting at me angrily and bang, I'm dead.

      What gives?
      Thanks, z

    • David Charles Keenleyside

      I've actually hit exactly the same problem: version 0.329

      • Czuk

        Czuk - 2005-03-05

        I probably should have posted here.  I opened a bug report identifying exactly why it is happening and how it can most likely be fixed.  I cobbled together a fixed version, but it has other heap-related problems with reloading saved games after dying.  I don't know the real build setup for the game, so I stopped at that.

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-03-06

      This is fixed in the latest CVS version - will be OK for 0.330

    • Czuk

      Czuk - 2005-03-06

      I closed out the bug.  For anyone interested it's <a href="">here</a>.


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