Operating the JAR file

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I don't have a Java compiler. The very word "compile" sends shivers down my spine.
    Whenever I try to run the latest Tyrant release (using the tyrant.bat file, the tyrantjar.html file, or the Java runtime environment itself) I get errors saying that QuestApp was not found. I looked. It's there.
    I looked at the JDK 1.4 thread, but that lists how to fix this problem with a compiler... which I don't have and don't know how to use.
    Is there a way to fix this? Failing that, could some kind soul upload a compiled working version or something? I like Tyrant. : /

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2004-07-19

      The following works for me:

      a) Download and install the lastest Sun Java distribution
      b) Double-click on the tyrant.jar file in windows explorer

      Alternatively, you should be able to type the following in the command prompt:

      java -jar tyrant.jar

      Hope this helps!

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2004-07-19

      p.s. make sure you download the tyrant.jar executable version rather than the source code!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      That is a lot of help to those who run windows, any help for a novice Linux user?


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