Save Game Error

Mike Rooke
  • Mike Rooke

    Mike Rooke - 2005-02-27

    After having played for a couple of hours, my save game size was about 1.5 MB, and failed to load after about it became about 1MB.  When running it through Eclipse, java throws a java.something.OutOfMemory error.  Just curious whether anyone knows if this is normal, and if I can salvage my save game.

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-02-27

      Don't know what is causing this - I will have an experiment.

      What Java version do you have?

      • Mike Rooke

        Mike Rooke - 2005-02-28

        Java VM 1.4.2

        Keep in mind, I was running mikera.tyrant.QuestApplication in a checked-out project from the CVS site, in linux.  I've been playing the applet as well as the .jar in windows and saving without problems.

    • Mike Rooke

      Mike Rooke - 2005-02-28

      err..  JDK 1.4.2.


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