my spells won't recharge

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm playing as a priest, and my spells absolutely won't recharge. Don't they do this on their own?

    On a side note, is there some stat or measurement of how much my god is pleased with me?

    • Buddha Buddy

      Buddha Buddy - 2005-06-02

      Yes, they will come back eventually. Sometimes it takes a long time, as it works on a partially random basis. The Focus skill increases the rate of spell recharge.

      There isn't anything visible you can see. I don't know that it means anything, though. As far as I can tell, you get one prayer per character level, on a "use it or lose it" basis. If you level up without having prayed from your last level up, you don't get two prayers, so make sure you pray before you level up. It seems like the only way to get a second prayer is to sacrifice an Artifact at an alter.

    • n_toze

      n_toze - 2005-06-02

      I think the recharge works like this:

      You have a base recharge probability which is based on your WP multiplied by 1 plus your recharge skill (in your case Prayer). So your recharge skill level has a big affect.

      The chance of any one spell recharging is your base recharge probability divided by your number of spells then modified by some spell specific costs (higher level spells recharge less frequently) then mulitplied by the 'turn' length. A 'turn' in a 'dungeon' map is shorter than a turn in the general map, so you are more likely to recharge if you wander the general map (because, say you had a spell that had a probability of recharging in 1 time unit of 0.01 then in a 5 time unit turn the probability of it recharging is 0.05, whilst in five 1 time unit turns the probability is 1 - power(0.99,5) = 0.049).

      So for your spells to recharge frequently, you need keep the number and level of your spells in sync with the level (and hence WP) of your character.

      If your base recharge rate is 5%.
      Then if you had 1 level 1 spell the chance that it would recharge in 1 time unit would be 5%.
      But if you had 5 level 1 spells, then the chance that at least one would recharge in 1 time unit would be 1 - (1 - (0.05 / 5))^5 = 4.9%.

    • Martin Gerdes

      Martin Gerdes - 2005-07-02

      I just want to add that I have exactly the same problem. No matter how long I play (as priest), my spell never gains a second charge. I remember that playing as a wizard, spell charges came back pretty quick.
      As priest I am now level 7, and my charges are at 1/6 (spell never used)!?
      Interesting is, that in other games I started as priest, my spell was grayed out. This time, it isn't. But that does neither seem to have an effect on castability, nor on recharging...

      • Martin Gerdes

        Martin Gerdes - 2005-07-02

        I have found the problem: Spells won't recharge unless you posses the "Spellcasting" ability. The whole problem is, that priests don't start out with this ability, which confused me, and everyone else in this thread. Problem solved :-)

        • Buddha Buddy

          Buddha Buddy - 2005-07-11

          I recommend filing a bug. To my mind, any character that gets spells MUST be able to cast them!

          However, as a priest, you can always Pray for Spellcasting, once you get two Skill Points.

    • Anonymous - 2005-07-12

      Since we're talking spells, I noticed that wizards can learn Flame Cloud, but they only get one charge, because the max charges number stays at 0. Perhaps the spell's level is set too high?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I recently downloaded this game and played with it over the weekend, discovering some quirks along the way.  I'm glad you guys found out that priests need the spellcasting skill to recharge their spells as this would've driven me nuts to figure out on my own.

      On a side note, I wished there was something in the game that lets a player know that when the character is Hungry+ in the hunger status the character's spells also don't recharge.

    • Anonymous - 2005-10-05

      I didn't even know spells don't recharge when the character's hungry. Then again, I never let my characters starve. In Tyrant food is neither expensive, nor hard to find.

    • Tom Demuyt

      Tom Demuyt - 2006-05-22


      there was indeed a bug that priest spells did not recharge untill you had the proper skill ( which is not a typical priest skill ). Now priest skills recharge in cvs.



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