• Nobody/Anonymous

    Is the Tyrant dead?

    • Dragonlady

      Dragonlady - 2005-07-27

      I don't know and was wondering what had happened to everyone myself. 

    • Anonymous - 2005-07-28

      Why, I am waiting for the next version and I figure everyone else does, too. There will be news when there will be news.

    • Tom Demuyt

      Tom Demuyt - 2005-07-28

      On my side the Tyrant is sleeping, but not dead ;)

      All my pet peeves with Tyrant are gone, so I dont have any plans really for it from my side.

      RL is quite tough right now, and then I have at least 2 other free time projects before Tyrant. Byt Tyrant does stay quite high on my todo list.


      PS : Is anybody interested in making a 'most wanted feature' list ? This might stimulate dev again.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It looks as if the Tyrant IS dead...
      Mikes site is now a blank page...

      • Tom Demuyt

        Tom Demuyt - 2005-08-28


        Mike posted a response on rgrd yesterday, so he is still around. Any new bugfixes and features can still be sent to me if any new developer wishes to make changes.

        Which reminds me, could I ask all of you to post your top 3 wishlist for Tyrant ? This would give us an idea what the  audience really wants.


    • Anonymous - 2005-08-28

      Here's my Top 3 wish list:

      1. Town Portal
      2. Town Portal
      3. Town Portal :D

      Some game balancing would be in order too, since the game progression is highly irregular, but this can wait.


    • Anonymous - 2005-08-28

      I would like a guide book/players guide. I know that it has been discussed before.

      A bank or storage chest like diablo 2 would be nice.

      Quests and a quest guide!

      • Nobody/Anonymous


        I think it are quests that drive Mike insane,
        so I am not sure I want to go there ;)


    • Sytel

      Sytel - 2005-09-01

      My most wanted features:
      -Store restocking (pretty pretty please!! They only restock once, and only after you've bought an item!)
      -In-town NPC who can identify items for you
      -Better god/prayer system

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Here's my barrage, not expecting all of this to be done but just giving the grand list

      -List of Quests
      -Make praying for potion of fate impossible - bottom shows why
      -Make praying for multiple items take more (so you can't pray for 100000 gold coins as so as you can pray for a single gold coin)
      -Lower the strengh of magic users- (except for witch - you can never find any spellbooks you can use for that one -_-  a black magic shop may be needed)- A true magic wizard or a priest can destroy everything in the game without trying
      -Does power bar do anything other than be the first thing to get taken away by drain? If i'm right in thinking it doesn't do anything make it do something or at least remove it for now
      -Another quirk with prayer - you can pray for towns/tutorial inns, kinda wierd - that prob should go
      -Make teachers in towns move slower (you can hardly ever catch them
      -Recommend a all around recipie shop, seems too hard to track down the different alchemy, black magic, runestone, etc recipie scrolls, realling hurting the chars that use those
      -More effect from sacrificing stuff, i could put away a ton of stuff and still not get a prayer back -_-
      -Some tracker in status on your god's favor of you so you could tell when you're close to being able to pray again
      -Play with pickpocket - right now it just seems like too much of a risk with too little reward

      Ok now why praying for potions of fate (especially multiple ones) is bad, after realizing you could do this, here is my palidan:

      Lv 49
      Sk 818
      ST 2869
      AG 708
      TG 1226
      IN 379
      WP 491
      CH 1126
      CR 228

      Move Speed 416
      Attack Speed 698

      The tyrant didn't just die in one hit, i hit him the first time and he didn't die, i then healed him too full, moved around him in a lovely diamond pattern, then held my key on the search button for 15 seconds while he proceeded not even to make a dent in my health, then i killed him in one hit...

    • Mike Anderson

      Mike Anderson - 2005-11-13

      Hi folks,

      Been away for a while - out of the country and working out of town a lot recently.

      Am back to doing some Tyrant hacking today, I see lots of bugs and good ideas in this thread to work on!



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