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Tom Demuyt
  • Tom Demuyt

    Tom Demuyt - 2007-11-16

    Site looks terse but functioning now with latest version.

    Piety is fixed and debug mode by pressing enter is fixed.

    If someone can send me a save file right before exploding with an explosive chest, that would be nice so that I can play around with it.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I killed the tyrant. took about 10-12 hours. was on level 10 in the dark tower. I think the game is much better in latest version. If anybody cares I could post a few spoilers, but I will wait until "T" says OK. Ben... Sorry no exp. chest yet, I try not to save scum.

      • Tom Demuyt

        Tom Demuyt - 2007-11-27

        Yes !!!

        Spoilers !!!

        Wow, you are the first person that can now ask for balancing features, I really only listen to people that actually won the game ;)


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      wow! I had never come close to winning before. Rather than one long spoiler I will do a few at a time... due to time problems (too much time playing tyrant?)

      Playing a human wizard. The major reason I was able to win was that early on I found a ring of the great trader. This will allow you carry more weight and get better prices in stores, and higher prices for selling items. This seems to be VERY rare but if you see one get it. I do somewhat cheat - when starting new characters, I quit and restart if the starting "kit" is not too good, spells in this case.  Early on I explore the first or second levels of all available levels except the cemetery. If you go to the second level you will be trapped unless  you have enough "power" to fight MANY nasties, and find the item to let you out. Spending time in the valley will give you chances to level up, but be careful not to let foes gang up in you. Haste is very useful. Check your stats often, use "v". Pick most things you find, after  a little experience you will find the best items to sell. You need money in the early game. For most this will be basic, but I spent a few hours figuring this out.
      Thanks to T.  for a good way to waste time.

      One request - wizards in early versions seemed to have more skill and power with a quarterstaff. this saved spells for low level foes.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I could not figure out why my weapon skills were so low. I had always wielded weapons in my left have, being left handed, and it seemed skills stayed the same. I happened to wield right handed and I gained the proper skills. Playing a human wizard - have not tried other roles. Ben


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