• Nobody/Anonymous

    Is there any kind of manual for this game? There is a lot in here I don't understand or that is not explained within the game that I would really like clarification on.

    For example:

    What does a ring of craft do?

    Does the weapon lore skill help you fight w/ weapons better or just help you identify weapons or both? How do you use the Riding skill?

    What are all the attributes? The game just shows you two letter attributes for everything - some are obvious but some are not -
    TG? Toughness?
    AG? Agility?
    WP? Wisdom???
    CH? Charisma?
    CR? Carriage Return?

    And this may not be a manual type question but I would like some pointers on how to raise each attribute as some of mine are very low and some are very high.


    • Anonymous - 2006-12-07

      There's no manual, I'm afraid. All the required information is in the games sources, but nobody ever found the time to get them out (I tried several times and failed. Shame on me).

      To answer your questions, weapon lore is indeed for identifying weapons, riding was never implemented (so the skill is useless) and I think crafting is in the same situation.

      About the attributes: SK could mean skill, and CR - craft, but I'm not sure. You got the others right. I don't think you can train them tough. They increase with your character's level, to various degrees depending on race and class.

      For more info along these lines, search the forum. Many questions have been asked in the past as well.


    • Peter Mularien

      Peter Mularien - 2007-01-31

      I had posted a list of the skills and what they do a couple years ago:

      I think Mike had added a few since I did the list, and the list didn't cover the character traits (Str, etc), maybe at some point I'll get back into the code and document what the rest of the skills and abilities do too.


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