Reaching Apache through ICS

  • Michael

    Michael - 2007-01-13

    Hi experts,

    sorry for this total newbie-question, but I am quite desperate. I installed Typo3Winstaller and everything works fine for the computer (Win XP Home SP2) I installed it on. Excellent tool! Thanks for that.

    Now I was so blunt to hope that this Typo3-PC was reachable through other computers of my ICS-home-LAN (192.168.0.x), e. g. my notebook. So I simply entered in the notebooks browser, but the connection did not succeed. By the way: no firewalls whatsoever.

    Obviously it's not as simple as I thought. What am I doing wrong? I hope the answer will not be: everything! :-) And more important: Can it be done? Or does Typo3Winstaller install a version of Typo3 that is only valid on one single computer?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,


    • Andreas Eberhard

      Hi Michael,

      you must change in the httpd.conf

         Listen to 192.168.x.y:80 (i.e.

      and check for 

         Order deny, allow
         Allow from all


    • Michael

      Michael - 2007-01-16

      Hi Andreas,

      thanks for the help, it did work! I also replaced some entries for "localhost" in the mySQL.INI-file with the 192.168.x.x-address. I now have to start Apache and mySQL manually, but everything works fine. Great!

      Kind regards,



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