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Typhon: version 0.5.0 released

Version 0.5.0 has been released.

See http://typhon.sourceforge.net/index_news.html
or below for details...

- Spectral Volume Method (3rd & 4th order, VTK output)
- Kinetic flux function (EFM/KFVS) and Rusanov flux
- Post-limitation (Barth, Monotonic)
- SVM-like mesh splitting
- Unsteady non uniform boundary conditions (symbolic functions)
- Implicitation of Flux and Thermal conditions
- Inverse boundary condition solver
- GMRES solver (NS or KDIF)
- Improve CGNS reading
- translations of comments
- generalized element connectivity
- remove NODE based Tecplot output ... read more

Posted by Jeremie Gressier 2009-03-10

Typhon: version 0.4.0 released

I hope it's not to late to remind you that Typhon 0.4.0 (r600) has been
released... in March 2008 (8, yes, not 9).

New features were published on website

From release 0.3.0 (2006), let's me remind you about main developments:

* symbolic computation mode for initialization and boundary conditions
* MUSCL variants and limiters (including 3rd order one)
* Runge Kutta time integration (RK2, RK3-SSP)
* Viscous flux implicitation
* automated configuration
* development: automated non regression test cases
* 2nd order Spectral Volume Method (SVM)... read more

Posted by Jeremie Gressier 2009-03-09

version 0.3.2 released

Version 0.3.2 has been released.

See http://typhon.sourceforge.net/index_news.html
or below for details...

- Basic MUSCL method (MUSCL-UNS) : direct comparison of gradient and
face delat
- Initialization with symbolic functions (except DIRECTION)
- Initialization with optional static/total pressure or temperature,
- Moving wall boundary condition (WALL_VELOCITY)
- Viscous flux implicitation (automatic if IMPLICIT)
- Binary VTK (VTK-BIN) output
- Automatic system configuration (TYPHON/configure.sh)
- Automatic non regression test cases (in TYPHON/NRG, run with

Posted by Jeremie Gressier 2007-02-12

version 0.3.0 released !

I'm pleased to announce that Version 0.3.0 has been released.
It is based on a merged version of release 0.2.2 and 0.3RC1 (this release was only based on 0.2.0).

See http://typhon.sourceforge.net/index_news.html
for details...

From release 0.2.0, you will find those improvements:
- automatic mesh splitting (Metis) and parallel computations
- NS first order computation (up to 20 procs at least)
- NS second order computation (slightly different results at interfaces)
- Unsteady synchronization in parallel computations (timestep)
- optimization of CPU cost for gradient optimization (nearly 50%)
- Fast MUSCL method (for high quality meshes)
- Kim's 3rd order limiter (only for Fast MUSCL method for now)
- test of internal energy positivity (output of bad cell index if not positive)... read more

Posted by Jeremie Gressier 2006-03-06

TYPHON solver 0.2.0 released !

Posted by Jeremie Gressier 2005-09-04

Website on line

first release of the website, describes
- features
- change log
- roadmap
(and examples and test cases expected soon)

Posted by Jeremie Gressier 2005-03-18


Creation of sourceforge project
TYPHON repository coming soon

Posted by Jeremie Gressier 2005-02-27