Error in compiling version 0.3.0

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I am trying to compile the latest realease using Intel compilers. I got the following error for a file in MGRID.

    fortcom: Error: MGRID/extractpart_grid.f90, line 424: Character length argument mismatch.   ['']
        call new(boco(new_ib), "", nf)
    compilation aborted for MGRID/extractpart_grid.f90 (code 1)
    make: *** [Obj/extractpart_grid.o] Error 1

    Thanks for your help.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have not use Intel fortran 9.0 or 9.1 for now. Maybe these compilers are more severe in their argument types conformity checks.
      I plan to use ifort 9.1 soon but I will check this error as soon as possible.

      PS: if you intend to use MPI parallel computations,  I can advice you to update to V0.3.1 (only available on CVS server since yesterday).

      J. Gressier

    • Jeremie Gressier

      This error with this compiler has been corrected.
      Please download an up to date version (0.3.1 + present correction) with CVS pserver :

      cvs -z5 export -D today TYPHON

      (you can download TYPHON or only TYPHON/SOURCE)

      HOWEVER, there still is a incompatibility between ifort 9.1 and CGNS library on my system. You can try on your own since it can depend on glibc and kernel version. Otherwise, I advice you to use ifort 8.1

      Thank you for using Typhon.

      J. Gressier

      • Jeremie Gressier

        release 0.3.1 is known to compile and execute with ifort 9.0 and gcc 3.3

        There is an incompatibility issue with ifort 9.1 using cgns compiled with gcc 3.3

        It can be found in ifort 9.1 faq that gcc 4 is preferred (still to check if it can solve these problems).

        J. Gressier


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