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typecheck 0.3.4 released

The latest release of the typecheck package adds the concept of typeclasses, a way of grouping types and classes based on related functionality. Also included are a set of starter typeclasses, designed to address everyday, real-world typechecking scenarios.

Posted by Collin Winter 2006-01-22

typecheck 0.3.3 released

This release adds several new utility classes, Exact(), Length() and Class(), greatly improved diagnostic messages, plus the ability to use arbitrary functions and methods to do complex typechecking.

Posted by Collin Winter 2006-01-15

Version 0.3.2 released

Version 0.3.2 of the python typecheck package is primarily a bug-fix release; over a dozen bugs have been squashed since 0.3.1!

In addition, two new utility classes have been added: Xor() rounds out the collection of boolean utility classes, while YieldSeq() handles generators where the type of the return value differs from yield to yield.

Finally, the Empty() utility class has been extended to work with all iterator types, not just list and dict as before.

Posted by Collin Winter 2005-12-30