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Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-05-23

First release candidate

The first release candidate has been released, it features a new example script, additions to txtSQLAdmin, and much more. Get it now!

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-04-18

Quick release

A new txtSQL version 2.2.0 Beta has been released. It includes several new features, one of which include a new field type, enum. txtSQLAdmin has been updated with a few new features as well. Make sure to get this new update, and test rigorously.

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-03-21

txtSQL 2.1.0 has arrived

This new version has several new features, and numerous bug fixes. The insert bug, the tbl_edit.php bug (register_globals) have also been fixed. The searching algorithm has been sped up quite a bit, and work has been started on a parser for the next major release.

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-03-14

Insert bug fixed

2.0.5 Beta is released, and is available int the CVS. (Fixed a minor bug with the insert action; it would not function properly)

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-02-20

2.0.4B Released

txtSQL 2.0.4 Beta has been released. This included numerous bug fixes, and an updated txtSQLAdmin script, and updated documentation.

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-02-16

Bug found; fixed

A bug was found in the insert action of the code. It would always reduce the number of rows in the table down to 1. It has been handled, and has been uploaded. It is also available in the CVS.

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-02-13

CVS is up

I have setup a sorta concurrent versions system, it's called webpm. You can see it by clicking the cvs link at the top navigation. The username/password combination is 'guest/guest'

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-02-08

Two problems were fixed.

I found a small bug in the _isconnected() function which would not allow users with an empty password to login. I also noticed that the txtsql.MYI file that was being released with all the versions was corrupted; I fixed the txtsql.MYI file, and it was replaced in all releases.

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-02-07

Small bug fixed, update released.

A small bug regarding the use of a quotation mark in a where clause would kill the script. It is fixed now.

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-02-06

txtSQL 2.0 Beta released

txtSQL2.0 Beta has been released for beta testing. I have removed the parser from the original script because of the execution time. It now relies on direct calls to the class with arrays. Please notify me of any bugs, and I will fix them. It is available for download from the download link at the top of the screen.

Posted by Faraz Ali 2004-02-01