A couple of problems I'm having...

  • SarasotaSlim

    SarasotaSlim - 2012-12-07

    Two issues:

    1 On both of my installs (both under Win-7), I often get to the condition where the 'Start' button

    gets obscured, so I can't click it to fire off the transcode!
    EDIT: i.e. the tabs fill all the space down to the bottom of the app's
    window, so there is no real-estate to render the 3 buttons across the bottom. Clearly, this is a GUI-layout problem.
    (Maybe as a workaround, a secondary 'Start' button could be put up top,
    in the menu-bar??)

    2: On the one install that I can reach the 'start'button, the log files shows a problem, when it gets into the audio-handling portion. It can't create the .WAV file, because the full-path always ends up with two 'back-slashes' next to each other, in the path that it calculates. So, clearly, it won't be able to create a file that it needs, if the preceding path has an error in it.

    EDIT: e.g.
    : No such file or directory
    (I've pasted in the double-back-slash just as it appears in the log, but for some silly reason, this forum removes the second backslash.)

    Note: The double-backslash is right in front of the file-name being operated on, as shown above. i.e. the targetted file name begins with "captured..." I;ve tried other supported audio-formats, but this double backslash problem happens on all of them.

    These are both using version

    This software looks like it will have nice potential, once I can get past these two problems.

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  • ozok

    ozok - 2012-12-08


    Can you send me complete log? It looks like wav file cannot be created or found.

  • SarasotaSlim

    SarasotaSlim - 2012-12-09

    Sure. I'll try using the 'add atachment' button I see below.

    Here it is, attached.

    Btw, on the other issue of not-seeing the 'start' button...both of my
    systems happen to have builtin Intel-graphics chips for video.
    I mention that, because a friend of mine is NOT seeing that issue, and
    I think he has some other kind of graphices...e.g. nVidia or ATI.

    Last edit: SarasotaSlim 2012-12-09
  • ozok

    ozok - 2012-12-09

    Thanks for the log.

    About start button, what is your screen resolution? Can you see "About" and "Logs" buttons? They are suppose to be next to start button.

    Temp. Wav file cannot be created because TX264 extracts audio stream's index wrong. Audio's ID is 1 but TX264 sets it to 2 somehow. It'd be great if you can send me a sample.

  • SaulL

    SaulL - 2013-02-28

    Hi, TX264 won't use the heavily patched JEEB 2245 x264 codec, I'm kind of new to encoding/transcoding and I thought the heavily patched version would be better to the vanilla version.

    I have a doubt: TX264 is 32-bit but it has the 64-bit x264 too, this means TX264 uses it on 64-bit Win 7?

    Are you going to release a dual 32/64-bit installer?

    A help file like this included with the release for local use would be great, many of the options are unknown to me and I have to seek external help, .HTML, .CHM or .HLP I don't mind.


    Last edit: SaulL 2013-02-28
  • ozok

    ozok - 2013-02-28

    If your OS is 64bit, TX264 will use 64bit x264.exe.

    You can always manually replace x264.exe with a different build.

    Creating a help file takes time which I don't have at the moment.

    Also please create a different thread next time.

  • SaulL

    SaulL - 2013-02-28


    I have replace it and TX264 reports that can't open the codec in any way.

    OK np, fortunately the Internet has plenty of free info.

    Oh OK, sorry.

    BTW, great software and thanks for giving it for free; I can't afford to donate now but if you provide a donation link might someday be able to.

    1 more thing, I have a .avi MJPG video at constant 30 FPS, and TX264 creates a 30 FPS .mp4 x264 video which I don't want to, the 'force constant fps' checkbox is unchecked, the video has a lot of movement (PlanetSide 2 game) but I'd like variable frame rate if possible.

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  • ozok

    ozok - 2013-03-01

    AFAIK, by default x264 uses the same fps config as the source. Are you sure created file doesn't have vfr?

  • SaulL

    SaulL - 2013-03-01

    Pretty sure, FRAPS creates the same MJPG video, is fast encoding and high quality for games but it's huge, TX264 anyway does a good job compressing but anyway, can you add please VFR to TX264 or make TX264 tell x264 to do VFR encoding?

    Last edit: SaulL 2013-03-01
  • SaulL

    SaulL - 2013-03-05

    If you meant the file created with TX264 yes 'mediainfo' says it is constant frame rate.

  • ozok

    ozok - 2013-05-28

    MediaInof sometimes report false info about frame rate, this might be it.

  • Al Moon

    Al Moon - 2013-07-30

    I am having an issue with audio sync in any GUI that uses X264. I have tried several different applications using x264 and all giver the same results. I work with cartoon videos which average between 7 to 10 mins in length. I own a Youtube channel, and a few months back they came out with a preference for h264 ( or equivalent).

    I have only been involved with formatting and transcoding for a few months and am baffled by this. It seems the only cure is to then run the video thru AVIDemux which has a negative effect on the x264 encode.

    Any ideas??

    Attachment included. Mediainfo


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