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2Pong v1.0.1a

Released a little update to v1.0a, fixes a small bug in the network game.

Posted by Itay Kirshenbaum 2005-05-11

2Pong v1.0a

Released 2Pong version 1.0a.

Change Log:

- Rewrote from scratch.
- Much faster, uses less resources, etc.
- Windows support.
- Network game should work ok.
- Added a few Powerup-thingies (faster ball, slower ball, split ball in two, etc). Should make it a bit more interesting.

Posted by Itay Kirshenbaum 2005-05-11

2Pong V0.4 Release

Versopn 0.4 of this pong clone has been released.
It adds a 2 vs 2 mode, where you and a computer controlled player battle out agains 2 computer controlled players, along with various bug fixes and additions.

Posted by Itay Kirshenbaum 2003-07-05

2Pong V0.3 Release

First public release of 2Pong.
2Pong, as the name might indicate, is a pong clone. However, there is one visible difference from the regular pong - it is played with two balls instead of one. The game features two modes of play - the regular pong game, and a time based mode against an unbeatable AI opponent. Network support for 1vs1 games is planned.
The game is written in C, utilizing the SDL library.

Posted by Itay Kirshenbaum 2003-07-01