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Updated Web Client for ADempiere

I've just release an updated web client for ADempiere. You can download a precompiled version of it or just the source files that have changed in the download section. If you would like to demo the web client try it out at

Posted by Rob 2007-05-29

Initial Release of 2Pack!

We are pleased to announce the initial release of 2Pack - an application packaging system for Compiere. 2Pack will allow developers and users to easily share their Compiere customizations and data with other Compiere users.

Features of 2Pack include:
Seamless integration into Compiere
Simple to use
Easy to install
Supports versions 252d-253b
Packages created are self-contained
Automatic generation of install instructions
Provides ability to roll-back installed packages
Provides ability to import packages directly in Compiere
Supports exporting custom dictionary settings and java code... read more

Posted by Rob 2006-03-27