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  • Brian Pepple

    Brian Pepple - 2009-02-28
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  • Brian Pepple

    Brian Pepple - 2009-02-28

    Thanks for the patch.

    In the future if your going to submit a patch, could you please send a patch for each individual problem, instead of one patch that fixes multiple problems. It will make reviewing them *much* easier. As is, this patch will take time to get into svn, since I don't plan to appy some of the items (unnecessary variable renaming, reversion of fixes to the makefiles, etc). Also, it would be greatly appreciated if you would follow the coding style that the project currently uses.

  • Kaity G. B.

    Kaity G. B. - 2009-03-02

    I would have submitted a patch for each fix & improvement if I could have,

    If you look at my notes in the ChangeLog you'd notice that I made all of my changes in a few days. I live with Early-Onset Generalized Dystonia which is a progressive neuro-muscular disease. I have moment where I am extremely productive & than the very next moment I may be lucky to sit up straight enough to look at my notebook's screen. It just happen I had a good week or so.

    I also created these fixes while working on the issue of Twitux not loading all friends & follows. While working on that bug & fix its inevitable that I'd find other bugs that needed fixed. Subversion's parch management is lacking & so by the time I had finished the fix I was working on, well thisis the patch subversion gives me.

    As for igorning my changes to the data and/or po Makefiles, these were made after bugs where reported to me by other hackers whoo spent their time helping me test this patch. They are caused by Twitux currently contains deprecated & unused files in data & help. The fix for the issues in help are not resolved w/this patch though I have fixed them. The issues with the help/Makefile.(in|am) rely on grep w/o taking in to account tho very real possiblities of grep being an alias and/or GREP_OPTIONS being set. This incorrect call to grep, where it should bee /bin/ghep, will & has coused documented bugs. However if you want to fix it later your own way, or just don't care because you haven't seen it yet. Either way until they are fixed it will mean Twitux's build process will fail on many systems & so it will mean fewer users of Twitux. I honestly no longer care.

    i did follow you coding 'style' as best as I could, meaning I wrote ugly code. I still have a horrible after taste from it. I tried my best That apparently not being enough I'd guess you have an obsession over tabs & spaces even when it impacts performance & clarity.. Especially as an 'style' that is present is at best arbitary & in all honesty most of the code is ugly, far right indentations seemingly for the sake of it yet changable with no actual rules or style. I believe programming is an art, code artistic ad self expression. I don't believe a style or standerd does more than provide for simantics to debate over. A debate I have to many brain cells & not enough time to waste having.

    Its become quite clear that Twitux, like many other OSS projects has already formed its 'click'. Maybe it will mature enough to allow other's in. Though I don't it unless it some becomes much larger. Which doesn't appear to be what's wanted out of Twitux, but instead that it remain *your* project & keeps credit & control where you fell it belongs, or rather where you seemingly would like it to. How ever as with every open source project its not, never was, could never have been, and indeed the very principles of open source is that it never should. Why this is an increasingly prevalent in smaller OSS projects is confusing, disappointing, and detrimental to the project's who take this "boys club" approach when "selecting" who programs & works on the project.

    I'd hope to join Twitux development team & to continue to provided patches of fixes, improvements, and new features. Apparently adding any additional developers is undesirable for you. If so how sad. But its your loss.

  • Daniel Morales

    Daniel Morales - 2009-03-03
    • status: open --> closed
  • Daniel Morales

    Daniel Morales - 2009-03-03


    That's so confussed...

    A patch, (or a commit) has to respect the code style, and just patch what you want to fix... without change any other part of the project.

    That's one of the more important things when you write a patch... on *any* project, not just Twitux.

    We didn't say that your work was wrong, or that we don't want to include... You just need to work a bit more on the patch.

    And fork just because you want to change code style and var names? Come on..


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