TWiki - New Production Version

TWiki is a Popular Web Based Collaboration tool that allows you to set up a dynamic intranet site and a knowledge base; manage documents and collaborate with your community by using just a web browser. Read details at and in the feature article of the Web Techniques magazine, Corporate Collaboration With TWiki,

The new TWiki version 01 Dec 2000 includes, among other enhancements, fine grained access control with authorization based on groups, advanced search features, and some security fixes. The new version is available for download from

"Peter's message prompted me to revisit TWiki and boy, is it powerful" said Jon Udell, Byte Magazine's former executive editor. "Among other things, TWiki eases one of the concerns about classic Wiki, which is that the radically egalitarian "edit this page" scheme leaves no change log. TWiki includes powerful revision support. Every change leaves a footprint, and you can follow these easily and effectively."

Posted by Peter Thoeny 2000-12-12

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