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Hardware failure

At the moment the twiggi website is down due to hardware failure. We're working on a solution.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2008-05-12

Website is running on the new server

The website has been moved to the new server today.
Also the forum has been updated to the latest version and for now the demo twiggi has been removed from the website. As soon as twiggi2 is ready for demo mode the link will return with twiggi2 as demo.

To give an update on the twiggi2 development progress: The core module is really shaping up the last couple of weeks and I will release the first alpha release around the end of this month or the beginning of April. This version will include the core module and the notes and bookmarks modules. Other modules will off course follow in future releases. Aside from the development I'm also putting together a road map.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2008-03-15

Website maintenance

The twiggi website is going to move to a new server as soon as that server is ready. This will either happen somewhere this weekend or else somewhere next week, depending on the stability of the new server.

I will also do an upgrade of the forum software when the site is running on the new server.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2008-03-07

CVS / Subversion

I just checked in the initial version of the core module. This core module will be the heart of the new twiggi version.

Both the CVS and Subversion repositories are available at the sourceforge project page.
The CVS repository contains the old twiggi version and the Subversion repository contains the new twiggi version I'm currently working on.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2007-12-09

Second attempt: Twiggi2

I'm going to work, again, on twigg2. To mention some keywords about this twiggi2: php5, OOP, module based, BSD license, AdoDB.

The code will be put in a subversion repository.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2007-11-05

New forum is up and running

I just finished installing the new forum.
All the old topics and posts have been converted to the new forum (phpBB).

To get rid of all the spambots that have registered I did not convert the users.
This means that everybody has to register again. After a lot of thinking this seemed the best way to get rid off the spambots.

To prevent spambots from registering again I put the registration method to admin. This means that the administrator(s) have to approve each new user. This is also the reason I want to ask everybody who wants to register again to use a good username and e-mailadres. The only reason for this is that I have to seperate the spambots from the real users by hand. To give a small illustration, I already received 10 register attempts from spambots in the new forum.
The new forum is up and running for about half an hour as of this writing.... read more

Posted by Wouter Broers 2006-10-28

Forum update

Coming Saturday (28 Oct.) I will close the current forum and install phpBB as main forum.

The current forum is a big mess and has some security leaks. Upgrading the existing forum is only possible if I buy a new version and thats one of the reasons I want to move to phpBB. The current topics and posts will be converted to phpBB.

To cleanup the list of forum users (a lot of them are registered spambots) I will remove all users. When the new forum is up and running everybody can register again.... read more

Posted by Wouter Broers 2006-10-26

Forum was "hacked".

Hey All,

Just finished finished putting everything back to normal.
The forum was hacked and all categories showed something like HaCkEd By ... Found out the user fluxcore (was admin user) was somehow used for the hack. Since the user fluxcore hasn't been active for a long time the account has been deleted.

Fluxcore has setup the complete forum in the beginning of I had a look around and I'm thinking of switching to phpbb since it is opensource and I used it before on other sites.
I also found some converters from invision power board to phpbb.... read more

Posted by Wouter Broers 2005-11-14

Twiggi2 screenshots

A few minutes ago I put three twiggi2 screenshots online.
It could be that stuff moves around or is displayed different.
It's more an indication since twiggi2 still needs a lot of work.

I'll make a topic on the form under announcements.
That will be the central place for questions, suggestions, comments and opinions about twiggi2.


Posted by Wouter Broers 2005-09-04

New website twiggi2 style

Today the new twiggi website is online.
It's more in the style of twiggi2 than the old one.

Twiggi2 is a rewrite of twiggi.
It will have:
* full CSS support
* all settings thru admin tab
* webbased install/upgrade wizard
* html support
* module based
* and a lot of other (new/improved) stuff

I'll release more info and some of the first screenshots this weekend.
It's far from finshed but it's going in the right direction.... read more

Posted by Wouter Broers 2005-09-02

Forum / Mailing list

* The Forum on the project page has been closed as promised. Twiggi has one forum and that one can be found at
* There is a new link on the website called mailing list. By clicking on the link you can subscribe to the twiggi-users mailing list.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2005-01-11

Website update

The website has been updated:

* The news is now read by rss feed from the project page.
* The changelog is now part of the website instead of just opening the text file.
* Removed Finddru add.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2004-11-26

Forum on


Since a while there is an forum on
This forum is used more than here so I would like to ask everybody to submit things on

I will let the forum here open till the end of the year.
Next year this forum on will be closed...


Posted by Wouter Broers 2004-08-03


Starting from today (22-12-2003) you can make a donation to twiggi if you want. You can click on the link "Donate to twiggi web-based groupware" on the project page. (
Thanks in advance for any donation !!
The twiggi team.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-12-22

linux_vijay joined the team

Welcome to the team :D

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-11-20

New demo site !!

A new demosite is running at our new webspace.
You can reach it at

Don't forget the s after http :)

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-10-07

Fluxcore joined the project

Welcome to the team :)
Fluxcore is going to make a brand new website for twiggi.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-09-24

Tlbdk joined the project

Welcome to the team :)

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-09-20

Bas77 joined the project

Welcome to the team. :)

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-09-19

Initial import CVS (Twiggi 1.10.16)

I'm using the CVS from now on. I did an initial import with Twiggi version 1.10.16. No release doesn't mean no activity. The CVS contains the latest changes but is NOT always STABLE.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-08-13

twiggi 1.10.16 released

An unpublished version of twiggi I got the today from Michael. It contains some minor bugfixes in the mailsection. In this release you can also assign a color to a group.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-08-11

Unreleased Version of Michael

Michael is going to send me an unreleased version of twiggi with some minor bug fixes.

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-08-11

Wouter705 joined the project

I joined the project and will continue the development of Twiggi.
Thank you Michael for letting me continue this project !!

Posted by Wouter Broers 2003-08-08

Mailing List

A mailing list intended for general discussion related to twiggi has been started on SF. Please visit to subscribe.

Posted by MW 2002-05-17

Outlook2000 addressbook import

The definition file for the import of Outlook2000 contacts is missing in the 1.8.17 tarball. If you need this feature, download the Outlook2000.def.php.gz, copy it to the directory twiggi/features/contacts/import.defs/, unpack it and set the correct permissions.

Posted by MW 2002-05-04

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