New Direction

Don Brown
  • Don Brown

    Don Brown - 2001-07-30

    I started a new branch, twcs, that will aim to integrate everything into one web application with a mysql database for teh backend.  eventually, the data will be accessable via soap, but for now, a web interface should be fine.  the web interface uses an interesting xml/xsl framework controlled by a servlet.  with it, the data is completely different than the presentation and can therefore be "themed" on the fly.  i'm using xml/xsl instead of jsp/custom tags to keep it portable to say sometime in the unspecified future.  any ideas are welcome...

    • Don Brown

      Don Brown - 2001-08-15

      Let me make a change on that....added another project "twcs-ejb" that uses ejbs for the data layer.  The ejbs run on the j2ee server jboss with the integrated tomcat 3.2 something.  The only disadvantage of this setup is it is tomcat 3.x which requires the xml and xsl libraries to be installed in the main library folder rather than as part of the web application.  ah well.



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