#30 Save matte setting in config file + matte tweaks


I had an email sent directly to me from a user asking for matte setting saving. Strangely enough, I had implemented it for myself ages ago but for some reason forgot to submit the patch. Anyway, I ported my old changes forward and A new patch is attached, which works on both 1.0.1 and the current CVS version.

The patch saves the matte setting in the config file so that it is remembered when you quit the program. It also makes the overscan setting apply when mattes are used (I found that you sometimes have gaps at the sides of the picture). The order of the matte options is changed in the menu and OSD to make it the same for both 4:3 and anamorphic mode.

Also I've added 'Insert' as a default keyboard shortcut for matte change. I think this used to be the shortcut a few years ago (on one distro at least) but disappeared at some point. I tend to switch quite often as some programs are widescreen and some aren't.

-Robert Jessop


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    how to install ?

  • Augustusburg

    Augustusburg - 2008-07-27

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    Es funktioniert auch mit 1.0.2. Ich hab mal das RPM ins web gestellt.

    Yes - its works with 1.0.2 too . I have upload the rpm in to the web.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Same Question..

    How to apply the Patch?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Yes how do you install the patch??

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Goto tvtime directory, then
    $ patch -p1 < tvtime-1.0.1-savematte.patch


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