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I've decided to revive the tvlistings project to do the right thing and use xmltv as a data collection agent. I have a Perl/Tk gui that presents programmes on a timeline and some good ideas for a decent web gui. Details to follow.

Posted by UnFormat 2006-11-06

Well, that's it I'm afraid!

Ananova no longer provide tv scheduling information so the project is on hold until a good source (e.g. can be found for the raw data - but, hey, this is Perl so we can scrape data from anywhere!

Posted by UnFormat 2004-01-27

Now working again!

By some amazing coincidence, just as I am about to rework the channel choice code to work again, Ananova decides to accept the old channel naming convention and it all works again! In light of this I think I'll leave things as they are.

Posted by UnFormat 2002-06-17

Ananova updates - fix in progress

I have some working prototypes for pulling the right channels from ananova again. I will try to get these out soon!

Posted by UnFormat 2002-06-14 changes

A good citizen emailed me with the unfortunate news that tvlistings has stopped working due to some major changes in the structure of I am goading my brain into working on the problem as we speak.

Posted by UnFormat 2001-07-19

tkfif - handy win32 find in files utility

I've been working on tkfif for a while as a learning exercise and I've recently release vs 2.0 & 2.1

Posted by UnFormat 2001-06-21

Hi lost surfer

You have clearly wandered in on the wrong project -- I mean, surely you're not interested in my little offering - are you? Oh well, while you're here you might want to take a look at this little Perl script.

Posted by UnFormat 2001-05-14