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TuxServe Alpha Released!

It's been a while since the last release, but it's here! Straight out of GCC, on a steam train labeled "About Time", to your downloads dir. That is right - it has arrived.

Although the filename lacks the word "alpha", it still is an alpha. I just forget to include it. Yay for human error! I bet aliens can't error in such useless ways. Unless they're some special breed of useless aliens...... read more

Posted by Aypok 2005-06-04

New Patch Released.


Just a quick note to inform you all that the second patch for TuxServe alpha has been released, and is available for download from the main site.

This fixes and updates several minor things - but the main feature of this patch is that it fixes the crashing when a user exits the fserve.


Posted by Aypok 2005-01-22

TuxServe- Released!


Yeah, I know - a new release just 2 days after the last... I'm good at writing bugs into the code...

Anyhoo, they seem to be fixed now, so go and upgrade. Enjoy.


Posted by Aypok 2004-12-08

TuxServe-0.0.12alpha Released!

Moo there,

Yes, it's that time of year again; the snow is falling (well, not here), decorations are going up (not here either), and Santa is on his way (I sure hope so!). If that wasn't enough, and it never is, I've put on my old Santa costume and released another version of TuxServe.

I expect a glass of milk and a cookie from each and everyone of you.

This latest version, despite lacking any real festive code, does come with a load of bug fixes over the previous version - so I strongly recommend an upgrade. See the main site for details.... read more

Posted by Aypok 2004-12-06

TuxServe-0.0.11alpha Released


The 11th release (sort of) on the 11th month! That would be cooler if it was significant - but what're you going to do...

Anymoo, this release brings a heap of bug fixes, as always, and several new cool things. But mainly the bug fixes. Read the site for more info on what's included.

So yeah; go forth and download. Enjoy.


Posted by Aypok 2004-11-01

TuxServe-0.0.10alpha Released!

Hey there fellow Earthicans,

This is the latest release of TuxServe - which is either 1 week late, or 1 week early - depending on how you look at it. I recommend the usage of your eyes. That always helps.

This version is mainly a bug fix release, to plug up the huge security type holes from the last version. But there are a number of other fixes and updates.

If you are using a previous version, it is highly recommended that you update to this version. If you're new to the TuxServe project and are looking for an XChat fserve plugin, then you're in the right place. Or you will be, when you start downloading it.... read more

Posted by Aypok 2004-09-25

TuxServe-0.0.9alpha Released

Hey dude(tte)s,

What is this 55kb hunk of tar.gz-ed goodness? The latest TuxServe release is what. Yes indeedy.

What's new? You can kick users from your fserve (cool or what?!), banning system (not fully operatoional yet - but does work), the "cd" and "get" command are now supported as well as the tags system, etc - and there's all the bug fixes... Quite a lot of new stuff - well worth the upgrade.... read more

Posted by Aypok 2004-09-06

Timer Bug Fix


An annoying bug was found and reported (then fixed) a few days back. The bug is to do with the advert timer not being set correctly (eg, if you set it to 3600 seconds, it'd change to 16). To fix it please go here http://tuxserve.sourceforge.net/bugs/20040813/config.php - I apologise again for my coding mistakes :)



Posted by Aypok 2004-08-14

TuxServe-0.0.8alpha Released!

"Gee wiz! Is it that time already?!"

Yes timmy, it is - it's TuxServe release time!


So... TuxServe 0.0.8alpha is out after a little pause. But I'm going to asure you that it was worth the wait (sort of) - as it's now classable as a "fully working XChat fserve". Everything now works.

"Even the queue system?!"

Yep - the queuing system has now been fixed.

*more cheers*... read more

Posted by Aypok 2004-08-03

TuxServe-0.0.7alpha Released!


It's finally here! It's been a while since the last release (0.0.5), but the time wasn't wasted - well, not all of it :) This version works too - almost. Hehe. But seriously, it does work - the sends and queues system is in a semi working order. But it is still and alpha.

So, check it out and let me know what you think, what should be added, and what's wrong with it.



Posted by Aypok 2004-04-04

TuxServe v0.0.5alpha Released!

The second release of TuxServe is here! Yay, etc... This version has many bug fixes and feature additions over the last release. Such as; a makefile; some more docs; and it not crashing when a send completes :)

Keep checking our site for the next release, which will be even better! Enjoy.


Posted by Aypok 2004-02-11

TuxServe v0.0.4 alpha released

The first release of TuxServe is here! This version of the fserve for XChat2 is an alpha release (version 0.0.4), but it does actually work.

The main reason for this being released as an alpha instead of a beta is due to the lack of testing and the poor docs - so we need you people to play around with it and test it for us. The reason for the crappy docs is that I'm too busy working on the code.... read more

Posted by Aypok 2004-02-01

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