First I want to say I love TuxRacer.  It is a blast.  And I want to thank you for creating something that is so easy to customize and play with.   This is the first time I have ever tried making my levels or maps.  I am having a little difficulty, however.   I am one of those crazy people that jump right in and try and do something really big instead of starting off small.    I like big maps like to be able to go on and on.  So I created a map that is 100 x 5000 pixels.  I know I am completely nuts but I love the it just keeps goin' and goin'.   My question is can the game only handle so many items on the trees.rgb no matter how big the map is?   My trees.rgb is not being represented correctly and I am wondering if I have overloaded it.   Except for some trees that are showing up all along the route, all my items herring, flags and starting line (actually lines) don't start until half way down the map.  Then they fill up nearly the whole thing.  I have multiple starting lines, fish, etc.   Is it just too big or is there a parameter in the course.tcl file that I need to play with to get the right effect?  Thanks in advance for the help  and my hat is off to you Jasmin and your team this is a great game.
Carey Lott