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#10 game audio engine system


We are very interested in your game and we hope it will help you with your development.
We recommend you to use MITA(A professional audio engine system) as your game audio engine system. We really believe that it will benefit both of us!
First, MITA is absolutely free of charge under its “MITA Non-Commercial License”.
Second, it has lots of features and functions to make it easy to process audio. With MITA, you will find the audio system of your game is so easy to develop, upgrade, maintain, but more powerful! Only a few codes to make a very immersive 3D realistic sound. Support multi-channel audio input and output. Automatic processing spatial variation of the sound. Support various DSP effects and cross-platform.…MITA makes your audio system development more convenient and swift.
Finally, if you used MITA, please let us know. We will add a hyperlink to your site in our homepage.
For more details, welcome to our website: You can download the full version from here.
Also if you have any questions about MITA, feel free to connect us!
Thank you!


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