Corey Woodworth - 2000-10-06

This is one of the best freeware/opes source games i've ever seen (well, besides angband and nethack) It is definitly the best looking though. You can tell you guys put a lot of effort in it. I love how the snow can get blown around with your cursor in the menus. I think i'm addicted.

A couple things that could improve the game though would be to make the options.txt file an options menu. I had some real problems in WinME finding it at first because it wouldn't generate for some reason. I also wish you could race people. How about Bill Gates on a tobogan, the BSD devil on a snowboard and a big rolling Apple? The Night/Day/Fog is cool, but i think a dawn/sunset one would be a neat addition also.

I can't wait till snow is implemented too!!!