slowness? is this normal?

  • t.

    t. - 2001-07-22

    i'm using RH 7.1 on a P3-450 with 256 MB of ram... and Tuxracer is running VERY slow, as if i was on a 386 or something.... the mouse barely moves, the screen is off center (there is a bunch of blue stuff surrounding it), etc.

    i've configured my system for video... i don't know - maybe i did something wrong.

    is this normal?  how do i fix it? 

    • brandon

      brandon - 2001-07-25

      I have the same problem in all OSs. I think it is an OpenGL problem. Make sure that you have OpenGL installed. Having the right video drivers aint gonna cut it. You have to have GL drivers and your video drivers. If you have a nvidia card, go get the drivers and OpenGL from them. Otherwise, I don't know what to do. I have had trouble getting the nvidia drivers installed on my system (SuSE) but it should work in Redhat. The problem your having afflicts all OpenGL games. I know :(
      It sucks. Hope I can help.

    • Simon Lipp

      Simon Lipp - 2003-08-02

      Try to use DRI and the screen resolution to 16 millions colors.

    • pencilart

      pencilart - 2007-04-11

      What is DRI?
      I have SuSE 10.0 and my video card is a NVidia GeForce FX5200 and I got the driver for it from my SuSE updater.

      Are there any tweaks you can do in the tux racer configuration file? I tried one but it did not make a difference. It was the forward clip distance option.


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