#19 Taskbar muckup on exit (NTsp6)

Paul Wise

Tuxracer 0.6a (Win32)
WinNT sp6, Win98

I dunno if this is an SDL problem, but on exit the NT taskbar decides that it wants to be smaller
than screen width and hang around above the bottom of the screen. You can correct this by first
dragging it to the bottom, which makes the bottom of the taskbar go into place, but the top
remains in the same place, which can be corrected by resizing the taskbar.
Only the taskbar was affected - apps were still the same.

Tuxracer was running a 640x480 & NT at 800x600
Also I noticed that when it starts I see NT (& apps) at 640x480
On Win98 it didn't happen at all

This is what I think:???
When tuxracer exits maybe it (or SDL) forgets to change screen res back manually & a bug in NT
makes the taskbar think that the screen res is still 640x480 or maybe it is as simple as the taskbar
not being notified of the change in screen res back to 800x600.

Way cool esp that penguins can't fly level.


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