#15 0.61a on Win98 Cores when starting any race


No matter what race I start, it cores. See
tackDump.zip for the stack trace and diagnostic. That
was running in the safest possible configuration
(options.txt), including both window and full screen

I'm running Win98 1st ed with latest MS patches, IE5.5
installed, PIII 450, BE6-IIv2 motherboard, SB Live
Value sound card, Asus TNT2 with Nvidia 3.84 reference
drivers. Oh! I do have tcl installed elsewhere on my
computer, from before getting Tux Racer. Are you sure
that you are using your own tcl binaries/packages, so
there are no possible conflicts or mix-ups? I haven't
run any tcl things since rebooting, so there shouldn't
already be a dll in memory or anything like that.


Other misc comment: Before I got to this bug I had to
track down the reason the game was consuming 100% cpu
and not letting me past the intro screen. It would
respond to the 'q' to quit, but otherwise was all
frozen, except once every 10-20 seconds it would
redraw. I turned *all* the options to their safest
modes, and eventually noticed that I couldn't turn off
joystick integration. Knowing that my joystick driver
wasn't rock solid (it has issues all it's own), I went
into my Windows settings and removed the joystick
alltogether. That solved this entire problem. Then I
came across the core problem I'm reporting in this bug.

So, extra suggestion: Add an option to turn off
joystick integration.


  • Craig Wyllie

    Craig Wyllie - 2001-04-20
    • summary: 0.61a Cores when starting any race --> 0.61a on Win98 Cores when starting any race

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