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    Welcome to Open Discussion

    • Alan Ellis

      Alan Ellis - 2006-11-29

      I wish there was something here to download so that we could actually discuss it, but on the Download page, it says this project has no defined packages. =(

    • David Cook

      David Cook - 2007-01-10

      [I do NOT need 'something to download' to discuss.  So, here goes:)

      Can someone explain why the target phone is GSM?  Here in the US, that
      would translate into requiring me to have a contract with Cingular, right?
      But, I (happen to) have a contract with a CDMA carrier (e.g. Verizon).

      Please educate me.  Is GSM more 'open' than CDMA (or whatever other cellphone
      tower technology...insert your favorite here)?

      Or, is it simply that GSM allows one's identity to move from phone-to-phone transparently, by moving the SIM card?



      • Dan Haim

        Dan Haim - 2007-08-17

        I believe that the reason why GSM was selected is because GSM is the most popular cellphone technology in the world. The only places where CDMA is more popular than GSM is in the USA and South Korea.
        Probably most developers of TuxPhone are living outside the USA, therefore GSM is the natural selection.

    • Nikola

      Nikola - 2007-04-25

      On getting started page (http://www.opencellphone.org/index.php?title=Getting_started)
      it tell us that "The schematics, bom and layout files are available on the SourceForge tuxphone project page.".
      I am wondering, how to find schematics, bom layout etc. on http://tuxphone.sourceforge.net/


    • Nikola

      Nikola - 2007-04-25

      Silly me,
      I found it on: http://tuxphone.sourceforge.net/

    • g-man

      g-man - 2007-08-31

      Hey great project. But is there a theory accompanying each component??? That would really help others contribute or truly understand! That would be most helpful.

      thanks in advance

    • bjensen77

      bjensen77 - 2009-01-20

      Hello All,

      Is the TuxPhone project still alive?

      I am interested in joining the project and building my own mobile phone with some low level controls for a college project.  I am having trouble finding some information on the internet and was wondering if you would have the time to answer a few questions?

      They are:

      1)  Is there any way to control the GSM modem transmit power through software, or is this typically managed through the hardware?
      2)   Is there any way to control the training sequence bits and the GMSK modulation through software, or is this typically managed through the hardware?
      3)  In general, are the GSM standards/protocol implemented on the chip in hardware, in firmware, or in supporting modem driver software?
      4)  I am having touble finding the source code and documentation on SourceForge.  Is is still there?

      Thank you very much,



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