Hi Everyone,
I'm a third year software engineering student at McGill University looking to participate in Google summer of code 2010. I noticed that Tux4Kids was accepted as a mentoring organization. After looking at the project ideas, I came across one that interested me: the Asset Management Web Application idea.
I have experience in c, MySQL, and database design, so I would be a great fit for this project. If I understand correctly, this project involves developing a service where people can upload their work (directly, or through a link) for use in TuxPaint as starters, brushes, and sounds. I have a few questions: It says that this has been mostly designed, what stage is the design in, are there any links to design resources? Does more design need to be done, or could development begin in May? What kind of skills are needed for this, besides c/MySQL? Would this project be able to fill an entire summer of code project? What are the stages involved? Is there anything else that a potential student should know about this project?
I would like to get some more information about this project before I draft a proposal. Thanks for any feedback that you can provide,
Iain Macdonald