My name is sharad kumar .

I have proposed an idea for implementing Asset management web application.

IDEA selected :Asset management web application (mostly designed already, and development has begun) A web-based tool for artist and photographers to contribute their work 'raw' (backgrounds not removed, not sized down, etc.). License management and asset parent/children relationships. Volunteer ownership of an asset ("I will work on this"). Direct upload, or linking to existing repository (e.g., Flickr, Wikipeda, Wikimedia). Mostly useful for Stamps, but also for Starters and even Brushes and Stamp sound effects.

My idea was misconstrued that i want to rewrite tuxpaint as an online editor . But this is not i want to do.

I wanted to say that we can create a web interface for artists and photographers.

In this web interface any artist can create his account online and can create his galllery of raw artwork

This all work can be saved in a datbase which then later can be connected with the tuxpaint web interface.

Using this web interface any artist can contribute his pictures and artwork through his online account.

Our next task will be then to give an internet connection interface in tuxpaint so that every time it get connected to the internet , its gallery get updated with the online database of artists. Thus we can provide a large gallery access to users.

This can work on the principle of WEB CACHING

Further we can categorize the type of contents which are uploaded by the artists so that the gallery can be wisely managed .

Sharad Kumar

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