Yes, the cursor could be removed, I left it because I liked it, but it is really unuseful.

2007/2/24, Terje Bergström < >:

My first post, too. I tried to send this already from GMail, but it didn't
seem to appear in the list.

>   I've just downloaded the sources from CVS.
>   I'm the one who ported tp to OS2006 (Nokia 770 and Nokia 800 inetrnet
tablets), not so much work indeed.
>    Since Bill Kendrick told me that some hildonizations work has been done
before (for OS2005 version of Nokia firmware) I've looked at the code.
>    Well, I discovered that some makefile flags exists for Nokia 770 but no
hildonizazion was done, it's just a few configuration change, exactly the
same I did (in a very quick and dirty way) for OS2006.
>    BTW having those flags is fine.

I downloaded the sources and noticed, that they actually don't build. I made
small changes to Makefile and got it to build and run in Maemo SDK fine. If
there are no objections, I will commit my changes to Makefile to cvs

My biggest change was not to overwrite stock CFLAGS, but just to
append "-DNOKIA_770" to it by introducing similar flag set as with "NOSVG".

I think the biggest challange with the already-packaged OS2006 version is the
cursor. The cursor should be removed, as there is no mouse in OS2006. With
touchscreen the cursor just gets in the way.

    Just a question: where can I find the DEBIAN control files in order to
make a debian package? Do I have to extract them for another tuxpaint debian

I think the best bet would be to start with the Debian's tuxpaint package and
work from there.

Best regards,

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