The NOKIA Internet Tablets run a debian-like system, but the packages do not come from debian repositories.

The debian packages need some changes to adapt in the hildon framework (menus, icons) and the sources need changes too.

The architecture is armel.


2007/2/24, Caroline Ford <>:
Kees Jongenburger wrote:
> Hello Terje
> It looks like we are enough people who have a good interest in this project
> the mud builder builds tuxpaint from the tar.gz archieve.
> I just tried to build tuxpaint from the debian repo and it required
> hevea and such for building
> how did you build it? I am quite sure the source debian will need to
> changes , the question is where to put these changes :p. I am off to
> fosdem are there tuxpaint developer going there?
Hi guys

What is the connection between yourselves and Debian? I'm trying to
understand so I can best answer your question.

Are you running Debian on your tablets? Is there a Debian port for your
tablets? The person you need to contact about the tuxpaint debian
package is Ben Armstrong - He's the Debian
developer responsible for tuxpaint. (I've copied him into this email)

To submit patches to the Debian packae I'd use their bug tracker. Ben
will be able to help you better than I can.


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