Greetings all,

It seems to me that the TuxPaint documentation should, as far as formatting goes, meet three criteria:

1. It should be viewable on the TuxPaint website, much as it is now, only more better (more better!)

2. Since TuxPaint itself runs on three platforms, the documentation should be easily viewable on those
three platforms without any extra software or configuration of anything.

3. It should be easy to write and modify (without a degree in CS)

The first idea that pops into my head here is sticking with HTML, with each file referencing a central stylesheet so everything is uniform looking, no matter how many people are working on things. That'll work on all three platforms with no issues, and can be easily converted to PDF for printing with OpenOffice, for example.

That's just my $0.02 though...thoughts? comments? insults? let's hear 'em :)

- Matt