On 24/03/2008, Caroline Ford <caroline.ford.work@googlemail.com> wrote:
I'm not sure what I've done - so I'm reporting it!

confused about file blacksmith.txt -- ignoring


Looking at a random selection of the 'confused' text files the current entry in cvs and my local copy seem to be identical.

*However* looking at the stamps it did alter it seems to have removed entries.

stamps/vehicles/flight/balloon360.txt had an en_au entry which it removed
stamps/flowers/rose.txt removed en_gb and en_au
stamps/food/fruit/sliced_lime.txt removed en_au
stamps/hobbies/music/wind/bassoon.txt removed en_gb
stamps/town/houses/cartoon/tent.txt removed en_gb

I've found other examples where the script seems to have removed translations:

This feels like it's a horrible mess...