I am an 4th year student of Mathematics and Computing at Institute of Technology - Banaras Hindu University( IT - BHU ) India. I am interested in working for Tux4kids as a part of GSOC 2010.I am Interested in doing the project for Accessibility improvements for Tux Paint. C/Cpp is my primary language , and I have have also looked into the SDL library documentation.The documentation is very nicely written with all the examples and everything. I am  confident that I can successfully complete this project.  I also have experience for  dealing with the input and output devices, in the summers of 2009 I worked for logica on the development of automation testing software that can be used to automate the testing procedure for any kind of software on windows platform.This software worked like a keyboard and mouse recorder and  can be used as an automation software to record and play mouse clicks, mouse movements and keyboard strokes.

I want to know more about this project,and  about your expectations at the end of this project. I also want to know about the application process for Tux4kids , about the things that I should include  in my GSOC application.

I would be eagerly waiting for your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Akshay gupta,
M.Tech(integrated)  4th Year,
Mathematics and Computing,
Uttar Pradesh