I am familiar with linux so I downloaded the tuxpaint module cvs using the given command on link:


A synopsis of what I found:
The folders:
1) CVS folder containg the entries and logs.
2) Data folder containing the .png for the brushes, fonts etc.
3) docs containing documentation of installing etc. in diff. languages.
4) fonts folder with .ttfs
5) haiku,hildon,im - dont know what are these?
6)macosx- contains the install files etc. probabily for mac
.................etc. folders

Now the src, magic folder folder contains the source code!
I am working on it.

Now the question is if I want to make some changes to it and test, how to do?
How to compile?
I simply cant do so using gcc.... as fatal errors arise,(Obviously as some files may be missing).

Please help with the right approach to src.

With regards
Tushar Agarwal