Hi there,

These lines in the POT could use some instructions (from ko.po):

#: ../dirwalk.c:214
msgid "<1>spare-1a"
msgstr ""

#: ../dirwalk.c:215
msgid "<1>spare-1b"
msgstr ""

#: ../dirwalk.c:216
msgid "<9>spare-9a"
msgstr ""

#: ../dirwalk.c:217
msgid "<9>spare-9b"
msgstr ""

I'm trying to sync down the source but it'll take some time, and I'm sure I'm not the only one with these questions...

Also, this appears to be a grammar error:

#. Label tool instructions
#: ../tools.h:130
msgid ""
"Choose a style of text. Click on your drawing and you can start typing. "
"Press [Enter] or [Tab] to complete the text. By using the selector button "
"and clicking an exist label, you can move it, edit it and change its text "

Should it say "clicking an existing label" instead?  (Unfortunately if this changes it will require updating all PO files... though a simple search-and-replace should work.)