I'm also running the current version of Lion 10.7.2 (actually 10.7.2 server). The old version just crashes but Martin's test version works for me.


On 4 November 2011 19:34, Bill Kendrick <nbs@sonic.net> wrote:

A parent writes in:

 we have a brand new Mac OS X version 10.7.2 - we bought this so my
 daughter could use the same programs as she was using at school - tux
 paint is the first program we have been trying to download on our

 I went to the link you provided and tried to download the test link,
 still, no luck. The program is not responding, and I have to force it to
 quit. I am not sure what is going on!

I've been keeping Martin Fuhrer (who ports Tux Paint to OS X) in the loop,
but he's not been replying, so I imagine he's busy.  Has anyone else out here
tried Tux Pant on OS X 10.7.2, and if so, have you had any luck?

The "test link" the parent is talking about is the build that Martin made
more recently (long after 0.9.21 was officially released), to try and work
around some fontconfig-related issues on newer Macs.  It's posted over at

Thanks in advance!


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