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From: Markus Hinkelmann <markus@mhinkelmann.de>
Date: 16 November 2010 22:25
Subject: [Tuxmath-devel] Google Code-IN
To: tuxmath-devel@lists.sourceforge.net


I’m interest to solve some tasks from the Google Code-IN Competition. I have created me a profile on the page.

What is the next, what I must do?

I can translate some text to German if it necessary. E.g. I have seen that there are some English fragments in the German Version of Tux Math and Tux Paint.

In my spare time I support a youth club in Computer Problems, so I think it is also possible to install the Tux4Kids package on the PC’s in the club, so that the kids can learn something with the Program.

 In my apprenticeship I mainly do Java programming, so I have some programming practice and I think I can dig into some of the Code-Tasks as well.


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