Hi Pere,
Thanks a lot. I tried that and it works! I noticed some translations are too long and affect character size. Got to fix that. Also one string has gone untranslated! Testing is really great to spot errors!
What about config and stamps? Are the translations included in other files than the gettext ones.
Cheers and thanks for the feedback...


2010/10/6 Pere Pujal i Carabantes <pere@hornol.no-ip.org>
El dc 06 de 10 de 2010 a les 22:39 +0200, en/na Ibraahiima SAAR va
> Yeah, I cannot wait to test the Fula version! It will help me improve
> translations depending on length of button label (for instance)...
> Let me know when it's available for testing (Fula)

If you are so pressed, you can try some trick:
Create the .mo file for fula and rename it to some of the existing
translations and try it in the version of tuxpaint you have.

There will be some strings different from version to version, but at
least you will have something to begin with.

I think poedit is able to create the .mo files.


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